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Tracesure® Cattle

Tracesure® Cattle

Previously Tracesure I Cattle and Allsure Iodine Plus

20 boluses PR4329

The ANIMAX Tracesure® Cattle bolus features patented waxed-groove diffusion technology to safely supply cattle with a consistent release of essential trace elements, to support digestion, immunity, reproduction, growth and development for up to 6 months.

Target Species
• Dairy cows
• Heifers
• Growing & fattening cattle
• Suckler cows

• Pre-breeding and pre-calving
• Turnout and housing

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Tracesure Sheep

Tracesure Sheep

Previously Tracesure Sheep & Lamb and Allsure Sheep & Lamb

200 boluses PR4237
50 boluses PR4239

With unique leaching technology and flutes for a consistent release of cobalt, iodine and selenium

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