Tracesure® Calf Range

The Tracesure® calf range of intra-ruminal, leaching boluses use unique and proven leaching technology to provide slow release supplementation of the 4 essential trace elements at known and optimum levels for approximately 6 months with a single application. Tracesure® calf boluses are easily given to ruminant animals using a specially designed Animax applicator. The bolus enters the animal’s rumen/reticulum and lodges there and the trace elements leach out from the bolus at a known and safe rate. Spent boluses eventually become enlarged and are shed naturally.

Tracesure® Cu/I Calf

Tracesure Cu_I Calf 20

Use with calves over 75kg when trace element supplementation is indicated and copper is required.


Application guidelines

Calves weighing over 75kg: 1 application


Pack size 

20 applications Animax code: PR4000



Calf Applicator Animax code: PR4194


Trace element content

Copper oxide 15g

Cobalt 512mg

Iodine 1700mg

Selenium 250mg

Tracesure® I Calf

Use Tracesure® I with calves over 100kg when trace element supplementation is indicated and copper is not required.


Application guidelines:

Cattle weighing 100-200kg:  1 application


Pack sizes

40 boluses  Animax code: PR4035



Animax code: PR4194


Trace element content:

Cobalt 500mg

Iodine  1700mg

Selenium 250mg

Copinox® Range

Copinox® 4g is a licensed, medicinal product containing copper oxide needles in a hard gelatine capsule. It is used for the prevention and treatment of primary and secondary copper deficiency in calves. Inadequate copper levels may be due to insufficient copper in the diet (primary copper deficiency) or the adverse effects of molybdenum, iron or sulphur upon copper absorption (secondary copper deficiency).


Copinox® 4g

Dosage guidelines

For dosage information or advice about our copper products consult your vet or visit for guidance.


Pack sizes

100 capsules Animax code: PR4123

250 capsules Animax code: PR4124



Copinox Applicator Animax code: PR4165


Content per capsule

Copper oxide: 4g (equiv. 3.48g elemental copper)


Use medicines responsibly.

Calf Applicators

Calf Applicator

Animax Code: PR4194

Copinox Applicator

Animax Code: PR4165