Previously Tracesure I Cattle and Allsure Iodine Plus

20 boluses PR4329

The ANIMAX Tracesure® Cattle bolus features patented waxed-groove diffusion technology to safely supply cattle with a consistent release of essential trace elements, to support digestion, immunity, reproduction, growth and development for up to 6 months.

Target Species
• Dairy cows
• Heifers
• Growing & fattening cattle
• Suckler cows

• Pre-breeding and pre-calving
• Turnout and housing

For cattle

• 200-500kg: 1 Waxed bolus
• 500kg + : 2 Waxed boluses

Supplied per day

Cobalt ≈ 2.8 mg
Iodine ≈ 18.9 mg
Selenium ≈ 2.8 mg

Use with

Cattle Applicator PR4163


Trace element content per application
Cobalt 500mg, iodine 3400mg, selenium 500mg

Tracesure® Cattle





Proactive bolus programmes

Superior performance

The Tracesure difference

Time & cost-effective method

No double handling. Administer alongside other medications and management tasks.

Provides certainty

No injections, abscesses, pain or stress to the animal.

Consistently releases

Flutes and unique leaching bolus technology for a consistent supply of trace elements, compatible with animals’ daily requirements.

Safer way

Unique leaching bolus technology for a safer way to supply trace elements, without toxicity.

Accurately supplies minerals

The right size bolus for the right size animal, for a quicker and easier application.

Supplements for 6 months

Product available with and without copper.

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