8 capsules PR4308

Reduces the risk of milk fever and subclinical calcium deficiency.

Supplies 40% more calcium than other supplements of this type


Cattle around calving, and every 12 hours or as required

Calcium per capsule

Calcium 60g

Use with

XL Cattle & Easycal Capsules Applicator PR4311


Trace element content per application
Cobalt 500mg, iodine 3400mg, selenium 500mg

Easycal Capsules

Ideal to give when cattle
• Are slow at calving
• Are carrying multiple calves
• Are overweight or in poor condition
• Are multiparous cows
• Have had a difficult calving
• Have had low calcium at calving previously

Superior performance

The Easycal difference


Supplies 40% more calcium than competitors’ products.

Calcium carbonate is non-irritant so additional capsules can be given as required.

Provides the required amount of calcium carbonate to each cow.

Slow release (like a watering can) calcium carbonate for 12-15 hours.

Works with cow’s calcium mobilisation with unavoidable dip in blood calcium, by providing extra calcium, until the cow’s own mobilisation system is working properly.


Controlling the intake of individual animals is a challenge.

Quick release calcium chloride (like a bucket) which is often short lasting, and provides a quick ‘hit’.

Rapidly available calcium shuts down the cows’ natural calcium mobilisation to try to prevent toxicity.

There is a decline in the cows’ need for calcium and they struggle to start up the mobilisation process again.

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