250 capsules PR4057

For treatment and prevention of copper deficiency. For animal treatment only. Restricted veterinary medicine

For lambs

5 weeks old / 10kg bodyweight and over: 1 capsule

Supplied per capsule

Copper oxide ≈ 2 g (equiv. 1.74 g elemental copper)


Trace element content per application
Cobalt 500mg, iodine 3400mg, selenium 500mg

Copasure Capsules

Ideal to give
• At weaning, then
• 6 months later

Superior performance

Our Copper difference

Capsules are inserted orally using a specially designed Animax applicator.

The copper oxide rods are released and lodge in the folds of the stomach lining.

Product is available either as a capsule or bolus in different countries.

The copper oxide needles are released in the rumen within 30 minutes of administration.

The needles pass slowly through the ruminant stomachs for a period of 2 to 3 months and the liver reserves are topped up.

Stores of copper build up in the liver, as the copper is absorbed in the abomasum (fourth stomach) at a steady rate.

The copper reserves that have built up in the liver are released gradually for approximately 6 months.

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