250 capsules PR4059

For the treatment and prevention of copper deficiency. For animal treatment only. Restricted veterinary medicine


• Adult sheep: 1 capsule
• Ruminating calves 75kg bodyweight and over: 2 capsules

Supplied per capsule

Copper oxide ≈ 4 g (equiv. 3.48 g elemental copper)


Trace element content per application
Cobalt 500mg, iodine 3400mg, selenium 500mg

Copasure 4g

Ideal to give
• Adult sheep: pre-breeding and pre-lambing
• Ruminating calves: at weaning, then 4 – 6 months later

Superior performance

Our Copper difference

Capsules are inserted orally using a specially designed Animax applicator.

The copper oxide rods are released and lodge in the folds of the stomach lining.

The copper oxide needles are released in the rumen within 30 minutes of administration.

The needles pass slowly through the ruminant stomachs for a period of 2 to 3 months and the liver reserves are topped up.

Stores of copper build up in the liver, as the copper is absorbed in the abomasum (fourth stomach) at a steady rate.

The copper reserves that have built up in the liver are released gradually for approximately 6 months.

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