Available in 50 or 200 applications 

Available with and without copper


A dietetic complementary mineral feed bolus for sheep weighing over 20 kg (Tracesure® Sheep without copper) or over 40 kg (Tracesure® Sheep with copper).

Product Information Sheet

ANIMAX Tracesure® Sheep (with or without copper)

The ANIMAX Tracesure® Sheep (available with and without copper) bolus features patented diffusion technology® to safely supply ewes and rams with a consistent release of essential trace elements for up to 6 months, supporting their digestion, immunity and reproduction. 


Soil Association Approved

Approved for use in organic systems* (UK only)

*Without copper product only

Trace Element Content

Trace elements
Copper Oxide (mg) (with copper only) Cobalt (mg) Iodine (mg) Selenium (mg)
Per bolus = 4000 Per bolus = 185 Per bolus = 660 Per bolus = 100
Per day = ~22.2* Per day = ~1.03* Per day = ~3.67* Per day = ~0.56*
* calculated value
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ANIMAX Tracesure® technology

ANIMAX Tracesure technology

Aids enzyme function and metabolism to ensure ewe body condition from grass and forage.


Supports immune response to clostridial diseases and infectious agents that can lead to abortions and lameness.
Contributes to ovulation, foetal development, and milk and colostrum production.

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