Glanbia Milk Supplier Delighted with Animax Allsure® Cattle Bolus

Peter Ging is a founder member and current Chairman of the Laois Offaly Friesian Breeders club. He is a former Chairman and a Past President of the Irish Holstein Friesian Association (IHFA) which has 3,700 members in fifteen club areas.

Together with his wife Mary, they farm in partnership with their son Paul near Portlaoise.

They milk 125 cows and supply both spring and winter milk to Glanbia. Their award winning Ballyclider pedigree Holstein herd averages 9,000 litres @ 4% butterfat and 3.32% protein.

In addition to many local successes in club competitions, Peter has been a three times winner of the IHFA National Herds Competition.

The family also hosted the prestigious IHFA Annual Open Day in 1995.

Peter also finds time to Chair the local Ossory Show which is held in Rathdowney every July. Established in 1898, this is Ireland’s longest running agricultural show. He is also a former member of the local Glanbia advisory committee so he is a busy man.

According to Rory Dicker, his local Animax representative, Peter has been using the Allsure® Cattle boluses for around 10 years. When asked what benefits he has experienced using these boluses he says, “Since double bolusing at drying off, I have noticed our cows seem to be in much better condition coming into the breeding season. My calving interval has certainly improved”- a happy customer indeed.

One application of Allsure® Cattle consists of one copper needle bolus, which releases copper oxide, and one selenium, iodine and cobalt leaching bolus. The proven and unique leaching bolus technology has been designed to provide a consistent, slow release of these essential trace elements at a regulated rate.

The release rate does not ‘spike’ or vary between animals and optimum levels are supplied with a single application. Each bolus is shed naturally, after approximately six months, when the active ingredients have leached out and the weight of the bolus has reduced.

Allsure® boluses have been trialled by Teagasc at Moorepark and are designed to provide grazing cows with their dietary requirement of the four trace elements, particularly iodine, that not adequately supplied by grass.

According to Teagasc the main trace mineral deficiency symptoms in dairy herds are as follows:


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Animax offer a range of bolus products (copper optional) visit or
 contact your local representative Allsure® is known as Tracesure® worldwide.