Farmer used to use injectable selenium

Georgina Hammond, Animax, interviewed Scott Brown who farms in Midlothian, Scotland.

What sheep supplements did you use before Animax’s?

We used to use injectable selenium and we now give these animals a selenium iodine, a cobalt and a copper bolus. The cost of those three boluses together is now actually less than half the cost of the original injectable selenium that we used to use.

Why do you use Tracesure?

We use Tracesure sheep products for a couple of reasons. The first one is to harness the potential of a low cost grass based system and the second one because we have a genuine clostridial challenge in this farm, and also we have known selenium deficiency.

What benefits and results have you seen?

We’ve had some great results using the Tracesure sheep bolusing system. We’re able to harness the potential from that home produced forage. Because we have a clostridial challenge in this farm and we know that to our cost in the past, we’ve now more or less got on top of that with the introduction of the selenium boluses.

Can you explain your system please?

We use Tracesure Selenium & Iodine, Tracesure Cobalt and four and two gram copper capsules. The lambs get phase introduction of copper. The ewes are then given six monthly treatments at drying off and again, pre-tupping.

Do you give Tracesure to your cattle too?

So having seen the benefits of using the Tracesure system in our sheep, we’ve now rolled that over into the cattle system as well.

Animax offer a range of bolus products (copper optional) visit Animax products or contact your local representative. Tracesure® is known as Allsure® in the Republic of Ireland.