Farmer used to use free access minerals

Georgina Hammond, interviewed Scott Brown who farms in Midlothian, Scotland to find out more.

What cattle supplements did you use before Animax’s?

We used to use free access cattle minerals and we moved on to the Tracesure bolus system because we wanted to make sure that every animal had cover to support their performance off grass. Another reason we use the boluses is a costing efficiency reason. It costs ten pence per head per day with free access minerals and the boluses over six months cost two pence per head per day.

Why do you use Tracesure?

We use Tracesure cattle products to maximise the potential from the cheapest source of protein we have on the farm, which is the abundance of grass we have this year

What benefits and results have you seen?

The real benefits to using Tracesure Cu/I Cattle is that we are able to maximise the potential of these animals on a grass based system.

When we are working very closely with the end consumer and the butcher, we know that animals treated with selenium at the closing stages of their time adds to an extra good eating experience for the consumer.

Can you explain your system please?

We give these calves these boluses in the autumn to maximise potential for home produced forage and in the spring to maximise the potential from the summer grass they are about to go out on to.

Do you give Tracesure to your sheep too?

Having seen the benefits of using the Tracesure bolus system for our cattle, we have now used that and implemented it into our sheep system as well.

Animax offer a range of bolus products (copper optional) visit Animax products or contact your local representative. Tracesure® is known as Allsure® in the Republic of Ireland.