Farmer relies on Tracesure® for strong results and optimum performance

For Magheralin-based farmer, Robin Wells and his son, Scott, it’s about results when running their suckler herd and, for optimum performance they rely on Tracesure® Cu/I Cattle from Animax.

Robin was first introduced to Luing cattle over 10 years ago at the Highland Show. He asked the breeder if they were hard to keep, they said “No, all you need is a good view and a bit of a whin bush (Gorse)!”

The following year Robin went to the Castle Douglas annual sale and purchased 20 pure-bred Luing bulling heifers. These were put to a Simmental bull and the heifer calves were registered as Sim-Luing. “Sim-Luing are great maternal cows so, a few years later, we took the decision to cross these with Charolais,” continued Robin.

Today Robin and Scott have 20 pure-bred Luing going to the Simmental bull and 35 Sim-Luings being put to the Charolais bull. All the calves are kept and finished as bull beef. Sim-Luing heifer calves are retained as replacements or sold on for breeding, while the Charolais-cross heifers are sold as forward stores for finishing.

“The comment from the Luing man at the Highland Show was memorable and not far off the mark but, here on our farm, we leave nothing to chance,” said Robin. “With the right bolus our cattle can reach optimum all-round performance in a shorter time. For us the right bolus is Tracesure® Cu/I Cattle. It’s a highly effective supplementation method and provides copper, cobalt, iodine and selenium. It is a premium product that provides premium results.”

“In early April, at Spring-turn-out, we use Tracesure® in the cows pre-breeding to maintain fertility and cover them for the grazing season.

“All bulling heifers receive a Tracesure® cattle bolus six to eight weeks before going to the bull in May, at the same time as we give them their vaccinations.”

One year they saw 29 of the 30 heifers in-calf and the following year 21 heifers went to the bull, all of which scanned in-calf.

Spring born calves are bolused as soon as they hit 200kgs, around June. The bolus is given when they have their first worm treatment, and a second bolus is given at weaning in November.

Records show that Tracesure® also works well with their bulls. The farm has produced 21 bulls (Luing and Sim-Luing) with an average kill age of 13.9 months and kill out weight of 396kg. “We had 16 U’s and five R’s – all U3’s and R3’s,” confirmed Robin.

Robin continues “At 319 days on the farm they [young bulls] averaged 583kg in weight. Allowing for a 45kg birthweight that equates to 1.68kg of growth per day. That’s mainly as a result of milk and grass that has been complemented by Tracesure®. They don’t see creep until August.”

The animals look good with great shiny coats and have plenty of vigour. “We have also noticed there are less foot and lameness problems with the bulls and, again, we put that down to Tracesure® helping them to process protein and energy in their diet,” he added. “We see it as attention to detail – we are absolutely delighted with what Tracesure® Cu/I Cattle offers.”

To view Animax’s range of products (copper optional) visit or contact your local representative Tracesure® is known as Allsure® in the Republic of Ireland.