Can milk fever survivors cost £230 a pop?

Righty pleased that your prompt action brought a downer round from Milk Fever, hypocalcaemia?

Then remember that the approximate cost of an uncomplicated case where the cow lives can be from £230.

Even a sub clinical case may result in major, costly health issues during the following lactation.

Not only have you to bear the costs of treating the downer, but the potential loss of milk and increased risk of further health challenges.

These can include problems due to ketosis, mastitis, metritis, displaced abomasum and reduced fertility. 

All challenges just at the worst possible time during that cow’s prime production period and often leading eventually to her early and costly culling.

There is a shortfall in calcium around calving as lactation begins, but most cows make up this discrepancy within a few days.

For clinical cases where the cow collapses she can often only be saved by your prompt action frequently involving calling out a veterinary professional.

How can the likelihood of Milk Fever be reduced?

According to vet Dr Elizabeth Berry from Animax we can take a couple of actions to help the cow through this prime at risk period for sub clinical or full blown and potentially deadly Milk Fever.

“To assist the cow to be better at mobilising calcium at calving a low calcium diet during the dry period primes the intestines and kidneys to be more effective.

“Supplying a ready source of calcium around calving is likewise strongly recommended.”

Thus for peace of mind Dr Berry urges farmers to have Easycal on hand as calving time approaches.

This is a high calcium supplement proven to reduce the risk of Milk Fever in pre calving cows.

Easycal comes in a handy pocket-sized bottle and is used on any cow that seems slow to clean or unstable after calving as well as older or overweight cows that are more prone to Milk Fever.

Neill Acheson, Animax NI Livestock Specialist, sees Easycal as a “must have” tool at calving time. “Each bottle provides 65g of calcium, double the amount found in most calcium supplements,” he says.

“Easycal is easily absorbed, non-irritating and effective for 12 to 15 hours so offers peace of mind at calving time. Supplied in packs of eight it comes with a free applicator.”

To discuss the role of Easycal in protecting your calving cows and herd profits contact your local Animax representative