Beware vitamin ‘go faster stripes’ in ruminant mineral supplements

A worrying aspect of this cobalt story is the risk of being hoodwinked by ‘go faster stripes’ on supplements that claim vitamin B inclusion, says Dr Berry.

“For ruminants, supplementary B-vitamins are no more than pixie dust,” she says. “As long as the diet contains sufficient cobalt, ruminants make their own B12, for example.

“Moreover, vitamin B1 and most others in this group are also made by rumen bugs as long

as rumen function is good. At best, inclusion in a supplement is a placebo. “To avoid doubt,” she says, “Tracesure boluses do not contain B-vitamins because, as long as cobalt inclusion is sufficient, they’re unnecessary.” Animax’s livestock specialists are available to farmers for free advice. Click here.

Tracesure is known as Allsure in the Republic of Ireland.