About Us


Established 1982

We continue to innovate, offer trusted advice and manufacturer products pioneered for optimum results, delivered for decades.



Founded by veterinarian Les Porter BVMS FRCVS who worked in New Zealand on trace elements and vitamins that were hypovitaminosis.

Les recognised the importance of scientific advancements that improve production and support animal health, which are crucial for vets and farmers.


Launched first trace element product

Launched Pardevit, our first trace element product for ruminants and horses into the UK market. This drench range expanded to include Pardevit E, which contains more minerals and vitamins for growth and development. All products are still sold internationally.

In 1992, we also manufactured copper products for Bayer and Pfizer.


Launched first trace element bolus

Introduced a bolus with unique leaching technology – the long lasting bolus (branded Tracesure) into the UK market. This innovation was a major turning point in the industry and is still sold internationally.



Launched first copper product

Manufactured private labels for Butler and Henry Schein, and manufactured and launched our Copasure brand, our first copper only range into the UK and Republic of Ireland markets. Today Copasure is also sold in the USA.


Expanded internationally

Expanded into the USA to establish presence and grow into overseas markets. We then expanded into New Zealand, Europe and Norwa


Acquisition by Carr’s group

Acquired by Carr’s group, an international business with a long history of innovation and technology, and significant interests in agriculture and engineering.


Achieved GMP+ FSA certification

Achieved the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP+) Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) internationally recognised certification, designed to ensure product safety across the feed supply chain.

We have also achieved FEMAS, encompassing all the operations and activities of Animax, including the safety and specification of product supplied



Introduced automated manufacturing

Introduced the next generation of unique leaching boluses enabled by our patented manufactured process.

We also continue to explore means of reducing our environmental impact. Look out for our ‘Packaging 100% recyclable’ statement and logo, and solar panels on every roof of our factory.




Rebranding of product range

All Animax product ranges underwent a rebrand to simplify the branding, create bold visual imagery, and strengthen our messages.


New technology and launch of new product Tracesure Cattle XL

Tracesure cattle XL enables farmers to supply cattle over 500kg with enough trace elements for 6 months in one application.

Using new waxed-groove diffusion technology, allows the product to contain the highest levels of trace elements in a single application compared to any other bolus on the market.



A roadmap to success

We continue to innovate the company, and manufacturer products that are pioneered for optimum results, and delivered for decades.

Standout innovations

Controlling the intake of trace elements to animals, is no longer a challenge with Animax's Tracesure unique leaching boluses. Trace elements are released into each animal at a consistent, and regulated rate for up to 6 months.

Product efficacy

Sustainably and product efficacy is at the heart of our business. Our product claims are honest and consistent across all markets, and products are manufactured with and without copper.

Market leaders

Est. 1982 Animax specialises in researching, developing and manufacturing highly effective trace element supplementation for livestock. We recognise technological and scientific advancements that can increase yields and production, optimise fertility and support animal health for farmers.

Specialist team

We operate to Good Manufacturing Practice Plus (GMP+) FSA standards, and are accredited by the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS). These are supported by our team of industry experts, comprising R&D doctors, a vet, and field staff with NOAH and SQP qualifications.

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