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in animal health

Animax is a world class innovator in the animal supplementation sector, with a reputation for manufacturing ground-breaking products. Our nutritional and medicinal products can maximise performance. We are best known for our Tracesure range of unique leaching boluses.

Innovator in animal supplementation

Species we supplement

We manufacture highly effective, all year round supplementation, so whatever the weather each animal will receive the correct balance of trace elements for their weight and for optimum results.



  • Multi vitamin & mineral drenches
  • Unique leaching trace element boluses with flutes
  • Medicinal copper treatments
  • Concentrated calcium bolus & paste


  • Multi vitamin & mineral drenches
  • Unique leaching trace element boluses
  • Medicinal copper treatments

Leading the field

A roadmap to success

We continue to innovate the company, and manufacture products that are pioneered for optimum results, and delivered for decades.

Standout innovations

Controlling the intake of trace elements to animals, is no longer a challenge with Animax’s Tracesure unique leaching boluses. Trace elements are released into each animal at a slow, consistent, and regulated rate for up to 6 months.

Product efficacy

Sustainably and product efficacy is at the heart of our business. Our product claims are honest and consistent across all markets, and products are manufactured with and without copper.

Market leaders

Est. 1982 Animax specialises in researching, developing and manufacturing highly effective trace element supplementation for livestock. We recognise technological and scientific advancements that can increase yields and production, optimise fertility and support animal health for farmers.

Specialist team

We operate to Good Manufacturing Practice Plus (GMP+) FSA standards, and are accredited by the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS). These are supported by our team of industry experts, comprising R&D doctors, a vet, and field staff with NOAH and SQP qualifications.



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Superior Performance

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We continue to offer trusted advice and supplements whatever the weather, since 1982.

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